Bayshore Accounting Services is an accounting, consulting, and tax preparation service in South Tampa, Florida.  The firm offers the following services:

  • Tax return preparation and tax planning for individuals and small businesses
  • Consulting services including "business launch boot camp"
  • Outsourced controller and CFO services
  • Business plan preparation
  • Management accounting services including forecasting and financial statements

When you think of an accountant, what do you see?  The old stereotype conjures up a wrinkled, humorless bean counter hunched over a desk stacked with papers with gnarled fingers poised over a ten key.  Popular culture offers up a few examples - remember Louis (Rick Moranis) in Ghostbusters?  Or Milton (Stephen Root) in Office Space?  In the Dilbert cartoons the accountants are depicted as malevolent trolls complete with horns and fangs.

Confession time: I do use a ten key.  There are some papers stacked on my desk.  But that's as far as the stereotype goes.  Your software adds up your numbers.  I help you understand them.  I can help you do more than just look back and tabulate the year's results so that we can prepare your tax return.  I'll help you look forward to the years ahead to help you set and achieve your financial goals.

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